Tennis ATP – Grand Slam Australia Open Betting Tips

Tennis ATP - Grand Slam Australia Open Betting Tips

2017 has come and lovers of tennis preparing to welcome a classy match which will take place at the Grand Slam Australian Open. The best players are ready to compete to be the champion and collect the reward money. The gamblers also use this Tennis ATP – grand slam Australia open betting tips to raise money from the bets offered by sportsbook. Through a comprehensive analysis and the selection of the right type of bet, an abundance of money will go into the pockets of the bookmakers.

Tennis ATP – Grand Slam Australia Open Betting Tips


The main concern at the Australian Open Grand Slam tournament of 2017 this time is Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray. Djokovic is now eyeing six Grand Slam Australian Open title in the last seven years. Meanwhile, Andy Murray will want to prove the existence as the world’s best tennis players by getting the title at the Australian Open Grand Slam tournament in 2017. You bookmakers like Best Online Sports Bookie Website & Asia Top Free Bets Bookmaker certainly have to focus on both of these players, especially when the game is still in the early rounds.

Tennis ATP - Grand Slam Australia Open Betting Tips
Tennis ATP – Grand Slam Australia Open Betting Tips

Could Andy Murray became the Champion?


Andy Murray is one of the candidates to become a Grand Slam champion at the Australian Open. His victory over Novak Djokovic at the end of 2016 proves that this player already deserves to be called the world’s best players. Betting market to enter the name of Andy Murray along with Novak Djokovic as the top two players in the list of top-seeded Australian Open champion. Odds are the same for both players. In a way, both players are equally strong.

You should put a bet on Andy Murray at The biggest Online Sports Betting Site In Malaysia in the early rounds of the Australian Open. If you put it in your mix parlay. Play money line with a candidate wins for Andy Murray until he made it through to the semi-finals. Avoid playing handicap betting game because Murray tend not to chase victory in three sets. Typically, these players always get a high handicap in the early rounds so you better play betting money line.

Novak Djokovic, Mr. Consistency


Djokovic is the player who should be selected in any list of the mix parlay. He played relatively stable throughout last season. He is apparently still shows the best performance in 2017. Come bet the money line to win Novak Djokovic. The player is able to show dominance facing lower ranked players and is relatively easy to ensure to the final of a Grand Slam championship.

You should also try the handicap bet on Novak Djokovic. Handicap -1.5 full time for Novak Djokovic is the highest limit if you bet on this player. You should take the full time handicap game for Djokovic often finish off his opponents by a landslide score in every game. Handicap limit of 3.5 or even 5.5 is still quite safe to Novak Djokovic in the qualifying rounds.

Other Candidates


Besides those two players, you can count on players like Stan Wawrinka and the other top 10 ranked players to advance smoothly to the next round. Go bet on players like this in the early rounds. Stop when it has reached the Grand Slam quarter-finals.

Australian Open Women’s Singles


You can also bet on a tennis match of women’s singles Grand Slam Australian Open. However, you should be careful. Women’s Singles match often provide unexpected results. The seeded players could be eliminated in the early rounds. In addition, the final round could also be played by players of surprises.

Money line betting at Malaysia Online Sports Betting Site, Live in Play Bets is a safer bet to be played on the women’s singles. If you want to play handicap. Make sure you have completed the reference needed to take a decision in the betting. Do not bet just because players are top-ranked player. Complete preparation will enable you to win the bet at the Australian Open Grand Slam.

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