Helpful System in Online Jurassic Park Slot Game

Helpful System in Online Jurassic Park Slot Game

Helpful System in Online Jurassic Park Slot Game – Jurassic Park is a fantasy-themed movie that became a phenomenon in the 90s. At that time, suddenly everything smelled dinosaurs become a trend everywhere. The success of the film Jurassic Park then continues past few years along with the presence of the film Jurassic World, a continuation of the story of Jurassic Park. That is why this title is used for slot games, Jurassic Park.

Jurassic Park slot game was released in 2014 and introduced a system of 3-D integrated into a wide range of characters that is attached to the film Jurassic Park version of the 90s. Microgaming unify this game with parallax scrolling effects and dynamic audio featured in Slot Machine Games, Free Slot Betting Website. Gamblers or Players will enjoy the experience of exploring the forest habitat of the dinosaurs while feeling the thrill of the pursuit of the dinosaurs that appear to give the money.

Helpful System in Online Jurassic Park Slot Game
Helpful System in Online Jurassic Park Slot Game

Helpful System in Online Jurassic Park Slot Game


How to Play

The slot machine consists of 5-reels with 243 ways to win which are designed for the player. Players will play using standard navigation that is usually found on the 5-reel slot game. The spin button will be a marker for the start of the game. Players can also make the game takes place automatically by using autoplay button. Let alone the dinosaurs and other characters in the story of Jurassic Park came to yourself many times. You just sit and enjoy jackpot generated from a winning combination.

Coins that are used to have bet denominations ranging from 0.30 to 15. Total wins that you can get in this game can reach 6.000x of the initial bet. The amount is equivalent to 90,000 credits if you play the maximum bet. An amount that would make you should be like the dinosaurs in this game.

The symbols appear on the slot game Jurassic Park consists of the Jurassic Park story characters. You who are familiar with the character of Alan Grant and Sattler Eliie of course also be used to the maximum bonuses in the tens of times the bet. You see, if you managed to land five symbols of both of them, then the payout will get is 40x your total bet when playing at Casino E-Games, Slot Mobile Betting, Big Wins Free Spins.

The System to Win

There are several ways that you can use to be able to win this game. The first way is usually to take advantage of special symbols. Symbol T-Rex is a special symbol that makes you be able to activate T-Rex Alert Mode. You will get 6 free spins and wild symbol which 35 units will be added to your reel that is being played. To obtain this mode, you must successfully land a T-Rex symbol on reel 3. Be prepared to collect profits from species which are supposed to have been extinct.

You can also collect profits from the scatter symbol. This symbol contained in symbol mosquito in amber. Scatter symbols will give a fairly attractive payout is 300x if it appears the five-in-a-line. Even more interestingly, scatter symbols will activate some free spins that can be utilized to double the profit in Slot E-Games Machine On Pc, Mobile IOS, Android. You’ll not only get the usual spin, but spin is equipped with additional features which include wild reels, split Wilds, winning Wilds, Wilds running, wild multipliers, and mystery multipliers. In conclusion, this is probably one of the easiest ways to realize your dreams to profit thousands of times from the capital at stake.

Finally, you can use a variety of free spins that are similar to the types of free spins contained in the scatter symbol. How? By landing some symbols that can trigger the appearance of the feature. Symbol T-Rex is one symbol that lets you get 25 free spins plus 6x multipliers. Additionally, you can also get free spins symbols of a velociraptor, brachiosaurus, triceratops, and Dilophosaurus. In other words, the chance to win will always be there to be enjoyed by the player who decided to play slot games, Jurassic Park.

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