England vs Iceland: The dream run continues for the Iceland team


It was one of a blazing and emotional night for the Iceland team as they defeated all the odds to slam England to a defeat they will never forget. The whole world was shocked the way Iceland won the match in a commanding way in Nice as they kept their dream run alive. England looked like clear cut favorites before the match started, but the matched looked complete contradiction to what everyone had thought as Iceland came up with a brilliant attacking strategy and looked organized defensively that led them through into the Quarters where they will face the hosts, France.

England vs Iceland: The dream run continues for the Iceland team

England vs Iceland: The dream run continues for the Iceland team
England vs Iceland: The dream run continues for the Iceland team

This was the most humiliating defeat of the English team in the modern era. A team that looked set to challenge for the title banking on the lethal young talent, but all that didn’t work in England way. The English campaign wasn’t at all convicting as they were kicked out of the tournament with only one victory in hand and that too came in the dying minutes of the game. Iceland on the other hand, looked brilliant on the field and was highly organized and complimented everyone easily. The coordination of this mediocre Iceland team was next to perfection.

The game started and England were in with a roaring start when they opened their accounts with the help of a Wayne Rooney penalty, but that celebration soon faded away as Iceland caught England with a long ball and the player who has been a star in Ireland at this year’s Euros, Ragnar Sigurdsson strike from the close range to equalize for the Iceland team. 13 minutes later England were completely stunned when Kolbeinn Sigthorosson came with a goal for which Joe Hart was equally responsible which turned to be a winner for them at the end of the match.

Roy Hodgson Tactics were complete disappointment

It was a complete shocker when Roy Hodgson was appointed as the England manager as his achievements were not up to the mark like his competitors and the most shocking thing was England kept him as the manger for four years. He completely looked wayward in the Brazil, but England had a hope that this was a sacrifice for the things that would come better in the next few years. The next few years have come, but England is still the same eliminated by a team ranked 34th. It was Hodgson’s poor tactics and playing his players out of position that hit the English team hard and was the reason for their shambolic downfall.

Players were equally responsible too

You cannot blame the English manager alone as because it was the players who let their manager down. Harry Kane scored most goals in the premier league but couldn’t open his accounts at the Euros. Dele Alli was not at his usual best along with Wayne Rooney who performed well for England in the whole tournament was very poor in this match and Joe Hart, who is counted as one of the best goalkeepers in the Europe made some costly mistakes that let England down.

The dream story continues

It was not just England’s poor performance that lets the down as you have to give some credit to this Iceland team who showed their character by winning the match from being one goal down. The team that hails from a country with a population of over 330,000 made the whole country proud. They have truly shown that what a united and well organized team can do as they have come up strong against the bigger teams and will face France where they will try to once again shock the World by beating France but that has a marginal Probability.

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