Online gaming is the trendy one in today’s world. Without online gaming, no one can survive in this world. Online game is the game played by video game through the internet or the computer network. All age people love to play a video game. By sitting in front of the TV or computer they used to play it. It gives the fun and enjoyable moments. It adds as the colourful moments to share. Boxing is the fight game enjoyed by all the people. Most people enjoy in watching the fight scene. There are many entertainment fighters in the world. This is also played by online. Online games provide you to react in the real life environment.



Boxing is the fighting game between two people. It is protected by wearing gloves in the hand and the person will punch on the opponent face in a particular time of the ring. It is also the international Olympic game. The result will be declared when the opponent person falls on the floor and even cannot stand up before ten counts.  The person will be disqualified when he breaks the rule or throwing of the towel in the stadium, quarrelling to the judges after the announcement of the results.

Rules in boxing:

In each and every game there is rule and regulations to be followed. Here in this game, there are a lot of rules and regulations. They are

  • Match to be conducted as three minutes rounds or it should be conducted a total of 9-12 rounds.
  • A single minute is given to the players to take advice from their coach and staff.
  • The referee is placed at the center of the boxing ring to control the players.
  • Boxers should not hit below the belt, holding, pushing or spitting.
  • Players should not be punched at the back of the neck.

If the rules are not followed by the players they are considered as the fouls by the judging panel. These are the strict rules to follow.

Types of boxing:

Boxing is classified into two types. The two types of boxing are

  • Professional boxing
  • Amateur boxing

Amateur boxing- this boxing is done at the college level. Players should wear gloves and headgear to protect them. If the boxer is under 165 pounds they should wear 10 ounces of gloves. Points are only credits awarded to this type of boxing.

Professional boxing- this boxing is much longer than the amateur will be conducted by 9-12 this fighting, headgear is prohibited because this boxing is professional. There are many fans club for this type of boxing. In this boxing, a technical knockout is allowed.

Boxing styles:

This is the game and it is followed by different styles. There is a different type of styles being played by the boxers. Each and every one has a unique style and they name it. The different types of styles are as follows

  • Boxer/out fighter-this style is played by maintaining distance between the players and fighting with fast punches
  • Boxer/puncher-this style is that played very closely and defeated in the single shot.
  • Counterpunch- by noting the opponent mistake and defeating them in the ring at the single shot.
  • Brawler-this style is that there will be slow punch and defeat the opponent.
  • Swarmer- in this style opponent stay this style, there will be hooks and uppercut.

Medical concerns:

Boxing includes punching. Because of this punching, there should be need of medical. Knocking the person leads to brain damage .so there should be proper medical treatment in protecting them. Physicians created medical rules and educated to prevent from injuries.

Final words:

Boxing is the entertainment game to be played in online through the internet. Boxing- the online game gives much more entertainment and the great advantage is that there is no need of medical concerns during online also helps in setting goals and makes to achieve.

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