Belgium vs Hungary: Eden hazard inspires a stunning win for Belgium

Belgium vs Hungary: Eden hazard inspires a stunning win for Belgium
Belgium vs Hungary: Eden hazard inspires a stunning win for Belgium

It was an unforgettable show from the Belgium skipper and Chelsea’s star man that helped Belgium to proceed into the final 8 where they will face the wild cards Wales. The match played in Toulouse was not at all considered that one sided as Hungary came into the match with some promising group stages performance and Belgium looked completely out of their strides. The last night encounter was a completely different story as Belgium ran rampant on the mediocre Hungary team thanks to two of their best gems; Eden Hazard and Kevin de Bruyne who completely made this game one sided.

Belgium vs Hungary: Eden hazard inspires a stunning win for Belgium

Belgium showcased their credentials for the title and issued a warning to every other team in the Euros. The two players who were the architect of last night victory were Kevin de Bruyne and Eden hazard and they wreck havoc on the Hungarian defense. This was the first time that both these potent weapons came up with a brilliant performance in one single match that clearly proved their value for the current Belgium national team. It all started when Kevin de brain came up with his brilliant set piece delivery, which was perfectly complemented by the towering header of Toby Aderwield landed right into the Hungarian goal. Kevin de brain came up with another spectacular free kick that looked destined for the goal post, but the Hungarian number one stood equal to it and saved it by the tip of his fingers. Then Hungary came up being organized and were helped by the wayward play of Romelu Lukaku and didn’t concede another goal. The flood gates were open in the closing stages of the game when Batshuayi came up with a goal just after his two minutes duration on the field. Then came the Eden Hazard solo goal and then Atelico Madrid winger Carrasco made it four with his goal which completely finishing the Hungarian campaign.

Eden Hazard is back

Everybody knew it has been coming as the Belgium skipper showcased the glimpse of his usual best in the group stages. The man was in a banging form against Hungary as he was simply unstoppable. Hungary tried their best to deal with the Europe’s most wanted man, but they failed against the mastery of Eden Hazard. He had a disastrous campaign with the Chelsea last term, but still was in demand as Real Madrid and Barcelona were badly in for him and he truly showed that against the Hungary team. His solo goal was simply a beauty to watch as he dribbled past the defenders in ease and everybody was in awe of the Chelsea man.

Kevin the brain is simply unstoppable

Seeing the last match would have definitely made the Chelsea management happy as their star man was back in form, but the one thing that they will be sorely regretting will be selling Kevin de Bruyne. The baby faced midfielder has gone from strength to strength from being a bench warmer to the European elites. Kevin de Bruyne has been the Belgium’s most consistent player at the tournament and he did come up with another stellar performance from last night. He was the man behind the first goal and his brilliant free kick was saved by the Hungarian goalkeeper. He ended the match with two assist showcasing what he is capable of.

Belgium is back into the strides

This was not the Belgium we had seen the entire tournament; this was a Belgium on completely different from what he we missed seeing in the group stages. This was a united Belgium playing for the glory and issued a warning to every other team. They are now the favorites to advance into the semi finals as they face Wales in their Quarterfinal booking.

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