Argentina vs. Chile: The draught continues for the Argentina team


It was a match everybody was excited about as it was bound to give Lionel Messi his first international title but Argentina once again failed to live up to expectations as they were once gain beaten by the same opposition in the same way. Argentina before the start of the tournament looked destined to lift the trophy and they started their campaign brilliantly by beating the defending champion s Chile. Then Messi came in as a sub in the other and scored a hat trick and he was at it again in the semi final where his performance guided Argentina through into the finals.

Argentina vs. Chile: The draught continues for the Argentina team


The Argentina team who scored 18 goals during the whole tournament failed to score a single one against their nemesis. Chile were brilliant in keeping the Argentinean attack which was lead by Lionel Messi dormant for the most part of the match and even lost a player too in order to contain Messi with the booking. The Chile team didn’t give up and dragged the match to the penalties where they emerge better than their arch rivals and won back to back trophies of the Copa America. The loss was disastrous for the Argentina team as they looked completely lost.

The Draught continues in Argentina

It has been 23 years; yes you heard that right 23 years since Argentina have tasted a glory. They have been to four finals, but have lost all of them. The Argentina team has always delivered promising performance in the tournament, but when it mattered most, that is in the finals they came disappointing. It was only a single tournament where Argentina lost finals by a bigger margin and that was against Brazil where they lost 3-0 but on the last couple of occasions they lost their match by a smaller margin as they were denied Copa America twice by Chile in the penalties and the other one was world cup final where they lost to Germany in the Brazil, where

Messi Heartbroken

No one would be more heartbroken than the Argentina’s little magician Leo Messi as it was his penalty that was the first one in Argentina that was hit waywardly and went straight over the bar. Messi has been star performer for Argentina in the all their last three tournaments where he was awarded the golden ball but was far from the glory. He dragged his team into the finals at Brazil but lost the finals and just was the case of tournament. Messi was star performer and dragged argentine the Copa America finals but failed when his team needed the most.

Chile truly deserves champions

The Chile team was the underdogs coming into the tournament but clearly showed the spirit of champion by their stupendous display. They had a horror start to their campaign when they lost the match against the Argentina’s team, but bounced back from that and defeated the same team in the finals. Chile was 1 man down in the game, but they truly showed their guts by keeping themselves in the match and that truly showed why they deserve to be the champions. The Chilean team had never won a single tournament in 100 years and now they find themselves at tow times back to back Copa America champions.

Alexis Sanchez proved his class

The match was every attacking player failed, it was Alexis Sanchez, who stood up the occasion and performed brilliantly for the Chilean team. Though the Chilean defense should also be credited but Alexis Sanchez was also pitch perfect as he played like a fighter for the Chilean team that eventually got him the golden ball of the match.

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