7 Up Baccarat Card Counting, Learn How to Play the Variant

7 Up Baccarat Card Counting, Learn How to Play the Variant

7 Up Baccarat is a Baccarat variation that originated from Singapore. It made some few adjustments from the original standard Baccarat game usually played in both actual and Onlinecasinoqq101.com Live Casino Gambling Games And Best Free Bets Website that made it more appealing to some players, especially those who always wanted to try something like 7 up baccarat card counting, learn how to play the variant.

7 Up Baccarat Variant Rule Changes

The first noticeable change is that the players start with a 7. The game is still played with two first cards but the catch is that every player always starts with a 7. The next steps are still basically the same as with the standard classic Baccarat.

The next change that you will encounter now deals with the payouts. In 7 Up Baccarat, the player bets receive even-money. The winning banker hand receives even money on all totals with the exclusion of 7. If the result is a tie, all bets are returned. Lastly, there is a side bet called Super 7 which has an escalating payout.

7 Up Baccarat Card Counting, Learn How to Play the Variant


There are 3 basic steps or rules that 7 Up Baccarat follow when you play at Onlinecasinoqq288.com The most trusted live casino website in Malaysia. These are the rules:

  • Before the dealer distributes one card to the player and two cards for him, the bettors must already place their bets for the player, the banker, or the tie. The game is played with 6 52-card normal playing cards.
  • Next, a third card can always be dealt. The third card may be dealt to complete either the hand of the player or the dealer. In the standard conventional Baccarat, the total may only reach a single digit. If it exceeds 9, the digits on the left will be dropped resulting in a single digit number.
  • Lastly, just like in a conventional Baccarat game, the final result of either a two-card or three-card hand will be counted by dropping the digit on the left. For example, if the cards on the hand are 5, 6, and 7, the sum is 18, then the leftmost which is 1, will be dropped resulting to an 8.

7 Up Baccarat Card Counting, Learn How to Play the Variant
7 Up Baccarat Card Counting, Learn How to Play the Variant

7 Up Baccarat Variant Strategies

Just like any other gambling game, the 7 Up Baccarat also has strategies that you can maximize to win the most rewards you can. Even if this game looks like based purely on chances, it still has a way to somehow be “decodes”.

Following strategy tips can greatly help you increase your chances of winning. Playing without sufficient strategies is like shooting a target in a pitch-black room, hoping that you hit the target with all of your bullets fired in all direction.

One study made resulted in the percentage of outcomes in this game. The banker’s chance of winning the hands is 45.86% and the players is 44.62%. The remaining 9.52% goes to the probability that it will be a tie.

Knowing these data can help you plan your bets when you go to Onlinecasinoqq188.com Best Malaysia Live Casino & Online Gambling Site and how much are you going to put on every round. The slight difference in the chances of winning for each outcome can be a great factor.

Counting Cards

Even if this is a variation of the standard conventional Baccarat game, it is still possible to count cards just like the way you can do it in a regular Baccarat game. Your first clue in counting cards is the number 7 since it is a requirement for all players to have at the beginning. Next is that the 7 Up Baccarat uses 6 52-card decks. You now have all the numbers in front of you so all that’s left is your memory and counting skills.

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