5 things that let England down at the Euros


It was the same old story with the English team. They looked promising before the start of the tournament and when it started their campaign derailed and somehow managed to get further and then finally were eliminated from the tournament. The England team before the start of the tournament looked destined to achieve glory and then again was back to their basics of has gotten on the nerves that resulted in the humiliating elimination by a country that is ranked 34th in the world and is coached by a guy who is not even a full time football coach.

5 things that let England down at the Euros

Here we look at the 5 things that England down at the Euros-

5 things that let England down at the Euros
5 things that let England down at the Euros

Roy Hodgson’s poor tactics

Yeah if one man that can be entirely blamed for the teams disastrous lost was Roy Hodgson and the tactics that he employed during the English camping. He continued with the wayward looking sterling who missed some golden opportunities in England and selected players like Wilshire, who were absent from the competitive football for over 12 months. He changed his team against Slovakia just when it was thought that England were starting to pick the momentum that resulted in Wales acquiring the top spot and the outcome is what we all have seen, the English team players are packing their bags.

Not having the perfect starting 11

One more thing that looked problematic for England at the tournament was that they didn’t found their winning combination. Every team struggled in the initial stages of the game and even the so called giants also looked unconvincing, but they soon got into their stride as they discovered their winning combination, but with the frequent changes and gambles that Hodgson did with the English team resulted in England failing to find a combination that will look like a team to beat on the field as their potential never really showed up.

Playing players out of their favored zone

This was one thing that hit England the most. The only thing that worked in the English team’s way was the introduction of Wayne Rooney to the center of the park and apart from that England never looked like they were in their strides. Daniel studding was introduced on the right flank where he couldn’t produce anything special and Dele Alli too was introduced in a deeper role from where he normally flourished in the Tottenham team play. The wingback duo of Danny Rose and Kyle Walker were not given the right time to showcase their talents.

The great blunders of Joe heart

When you see Joe heart performing for Manchester City against Real Madrid in UEFA champions league semi final and then you compare it with his performances in the Euros, you will definitely wonder that is it the Same player. He performed hellishly poor for the England team as his poor play resulted in the winning goal of the Iceland and that was then seen during the whole tournament where he looked very unconvincing, just for the knowledge you can count that Gareth bale free kick that should have been stopped.

The failure of the attack

The thing that looked like the biggest strength of England was their stunning and power packed attacking line up which featured two strikers with 40+ goals in between them but there was only one goal between them at the Euros. The premier league golden boot harry Kane looked like a jaded figure for the English team after a long season for Tottenham. Jamie Vardy looked as a promising replacement for him, but was not able to produce anything special when he was given the chance to prove himself, except that one goal against Wales.

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