1×2 Soccer Prediction for English Premier League

1x2 Soccer Prediction for English Premier League

This 2016/17 season, it serves as the 25th year of Premier League right after it was created in 1992. Right after several discussions with the different players, football authorities as well as television broadcasters, it is known that 1st Division club quit the famous Football league during May 1992.

With that, Premier League was launched along their inaugural campaign that started 15th of August, the same year. Now you can place your bets for this league at QQ188asia.com Best Online Sports Bookie Website & Asia Top Free Bets Bookmaker and have free bets.

1×2 Soccer Prediction for English Premier League

Pep Guardiola’s as well as Jose Mourinho’s presence with Manchester United will greatly affect against Manchester City as per Rio Ferdinand as the two team will fight for the title this season.

1x2 Soccer Prediction for English Premier League
1×2 Soccer Prediction for English Premier League

Here is his pre-season prediction:

Who will be the winner?

He claimed that it will be definitely one of these two favourites. It’s either Manchester City or Manchester United.  Both of them have new managed, who are not just a mere manager but the best ones and looks like they already motivated both teams. He further said that both of these managers have unique philosophies and method, yet they are really effective.

He also emphasized that these additions is one of the most significant thing in the club.  As Man Utd already lose last year, Mourinho would do everything to keep it from happening again. This is the same thing for Guardiola of City.

Who will make it in the top four?

Here, he simply said that in no particular order, Spurs, Man City and Man City. Eventually, Liverpool or Arsenal will soon join them. For him, these are the teams which have the best squads.

Reportedly, Leicester  came out through the traps  during the last season and acted as the surprise package.  However, right now teams more about this squad now.  So if Leicester could deal  with these teams  which will comes along their way, most likely they will make it also in the upper part of the chart.

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